Quick. Affordable. Simple.
Salesforce integrations can help you expand your business.



Quick. Affordable. Simple. Salesforce integrations can help you expand your business.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Our skilled consultants and developers are experts in CRM, cloud computing, and Salesforce solutions. We assist small and large enterprises in achieving their goals. Our developers and consultants will set up, configure, and modify your Salesforce Sales Cloud in order to boost sales and revenue.

Salesforce Community Cloud

A primary priority is to connect with the people who are most important to your success. From consumers to sellers to stakeholders, Community Cloud links you to the individuals you want to grow and empower. Customer, employee, contributor, volunteer, and stakeholder engagement is critical to any business’s success.

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Salesforce App exchange Development

Our professionals are always available to provide you with insights and recommendations for improving your implementations by employing the appropriate applications or components. We also provide AppExchange developer assistance.

Our Services

Data Management

Our Salesforce Data Management solutions can help you move data to a third-party cloud service, modernise your server, or relocate data due to a merger. To assist you with managing and organising any level of migration, our professional staff has experience with products such as Volume managers, Rsync, Brocade DMM, HDS Universal replication, and EMC Rainfinity.


Lacking in-house experience, are you having trouble integrating numerous applications? The ability to eliminate task duplication through robust work frames and procedures is a hallmark of a smooth integration. Our Salesforce connection specialists can assist you in connecting your sales API to a wide range of applications.

Mobile Application

In recent years, mobile applications have become increasingly important. In order to meet your company demands, we examine your goals and expectations and deliver effective solutions. We assist you in putting your ideas into prototype form. We assist in the development of successful apps by utilising mobile technologies.

Marketing Cloud

Industry leaders pick us as salesforce marketing consultants to seamlessly manage customer service, exceeding client expectations and keeping them happy. The following salesforce marketing cloud services are available to assist you meet the brand's objectives swiftly and comfortably with the least amount of manpower while also improving system control.


Yes, We have highly experienced and educated developers, We Only give the best result for software, web, apps, etc.

Software Development

Divine Web Tech creates different types of software like HR Management, CRM, Hospital Management, Export, ERP solutions, etc. We have more experienced software developers.

Divine Web Tech is capable of creating your software in different languages like odoo, .Net, php, Magento, etc. At Divine Web Tech you will get the best software for your use.

Yes, after-sales service is required. Divine Web Tech is always ready to help the customers after software, apps, or websites are completed.

No, Divine Web Tech makes the software user-friendly, we will guide you on how to use your software?.

Web Development

Divine Web Tech has a creative, experienced developer who can develop a new or redesign of your website

We have experienced and creative developers, and we will create your website on ASP.Net, Php, odoo, Magento, etc.

Yes sure, Divine Web Tech is a professional and creative company, we can redesign your website as per your requirements.

Yes, From scratch we build your website mobile-friendly. We create pages, sections, blogs, etc. for your website mobile friendly.


We executed numerous modules from Odoo for our organization. The group hushes up experienced and directed us all around well in covering the general usefulness of the relative multitude of modules.

1into2 Digital Marketing

Youthful yet diligent group. The group is exceptionally co-employable and open to changes given by us. Suggest them for Odoo.

Akar International Pte. Ltd.

Original, creative and with an innate understanding of their We coordinated Odoo with a few stages like eBay and woocommerce. It was smooth and the group functioned admirably for Hassel free between stage interchanges. I am content with them! customer’s needs, the team at 360 are always a pleasure to work with.

Net Marketing Services Pte. Ltd.

Divine Web Tech is a Global IT Company that provides services like iOS Apps, Android Apps, Software, and Web Development. 

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Divine Web Tech is a Global IT Company that provides services like iOS Apps, Android Apps, Software, and Web Development.