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Divine Web Tech is known for offering best in class RPA solutions to businesses across globe, we have dedicated RPA experts and developers who can deliver RPA solutions to multiple industries such as fintech, edtec, agritech, healthtech, ecommerce and many more.

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Staff Augmentation

In case if you need an additional resources for your robotic process automation development project in order to boost the productivity, get highly experienced RPA experts team from us to meet your RPA project needs

Support & Maintenance

At Divine Web Tech we offer end to end delivery, deployment and support along with dedicated post solutions support services from leveraging our dedicated robotic process automation experts.

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Divine RPA coustomer service


Modern customers are accustomed to quick responses and effective solutions. It is possible to deliver the results that customers want, with the help of automation. Automated customer care systems can sort queries and offer initial responses to customers.The automated system can segregate queries into different categories, such as tech department, service department, and more.


The large volume of invoice processing has repetitive manual tasks which can result in delayed and incorrect payments. Timely payments can deliver quality goods/services from vendor. Invoice processing has many challenges. RPA can automate the data input, reconciliation error, and even it can process certain decision-making required for invoice processing, which minimizes the need for human intervention.

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Data consistency across enterprise systems is a very tedious task and it can generate errors too RPA can perform sales activities end-to-end by automating tasks such as sales order entry, invoicing, etc. It will help to maintain a database by removing duplicate data, improve customer experience, and increase your sales employees’ satisfaction by removing all the time-consuming tasks like data entry and can concentrate on their main task- prospecting, and generating more business..


Businesses often have to make purchases in bulk to manufacture products or provide services. RPA system doesn’t just compare prices from different vendors, but can also compare product attributes and quality. Businesses can buy the best resources at the best prices possible


Processing payroll every month is time consuming, repetitive task for HR team in every organization and this also requires large volume of data entry efforts. RPA can perform automation for payroll related transactions from end-to-end to avoid inaccuracies and delays.

Storing Customer

RPA can help you store, sort and organize all kinds of customer information to ensure everything is easily accessible. The system will automatically categorize different data like contact information, purchase history, preferences, personal information like birthdays or anniversaries. RPA is more accurate than people and has a lower margin of error.

Fast Refunds

A company’s reputation depends on how quickly it can process refunds. Customers want this process to be quick and seamless, but that is easier said than done. Complaints and return requests generate a lot of data which can be tiresome to sort through. The RPA system deals with the matter effectively and processes the refund without delay. That improves overall customer experience and has a positive impact on your reputation.

Extract Data from
Different Formats

Data can appear in different formats ranging from editable text to handwritten notes. Data entry professionals struggle to read the information and enter it into the system. The entire process can be automated with little compromise in the accuracy of the information. If your business needs to collect and store information from different sources, RPA is a great investment.

Why Us?

Cost Effective


Yes, We have highly experienced and educated developers, We Only give the best result for software, web, apps, etc.

Software Development

Divine Web Tech creates different types of software like HR Management, CRM, Hospital Management, Export, ERP solutions, etc. We have more experienced software developers.

Divine Web Tech is capable of creating your software in different languages like odoo, .Net, php, Magento, etc. At Divine Web Tech you will get the best software for your use.

Yes, after-sales service is required. Divine Web Tech is always ready to help the customers after software, apps, or websites are completed.

No, Divine Web Tech makes the software user-friendly, we will guide you on how to use your software?.

Web Development

Divine Web Tech has a creative, experienced developer who can develop a new or redesign of your website

We have experienced and creative developers, and we will create your website on ASP.Net, Php, odoo, Magento, etc.

Yes sure, Divine Web Tech is a professional and creative company, we can redesign your website as per your requirements.

Yes, From scratch we build your website mobile-friendly. We create pages, sections, blogs, etc. for your website mobile friendly.


We executed numerous modules from Odoo for our organization. The group hushes up experienced and directed us all around well in covering the general usefulness of the relative multitude of modules.

1into2 Digital Marketing

Youthful yet diligent group. The group is exceptionally co-employable and open to changes given by us. Suggest them for Odoo.

Akar International Pte. Ltd.

“Original, creative and with an innate understanding of thei We coordinated Odoo with a few stages like eBay and woocommerce. It was smooth and the group functioned admirably for Hassel free between stage interchanges. I am content with them! customer’s needs, the team at 360 are always a pleasure to work with”

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Divine Web Tech is a Global IT Company that provides services like iOS Apps, Android Apps, Software, and Web Development. 

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Divine Web Tech is a Global IT Company that provides services like iOS Apps, Android Apps, Software, and Web Development.