How to set up an OdooeCommerce store?

The growth of internet infrastructure and breakthroughs in telecommunications and related technologies has begun to change the globe into a digitally enhanced state. Most of the work that used to be done with paper and pen activities has been digitized. Furthermore, developing nations adhere to these digital regulations since it streamlines operations and provides a data repository with ample data storage.

Similar characteristics may be noticed in shopping choices. Due to the availability of several online shopping platforms, consumers increasingly use them to make purchases instead of visiting brick-and-mortar establishments. The efficacy and simplicity of the purchasing procedure are two factors that have contributed to the influx of customers to such online platforms. Many retail chain businesses are being changed into online e-commerce systems since it needs minimum investment and increases operational efficiency. The following are some benefits of adopting e-commerce systems.

Benefits of E-commerce Operations:

  • Get past geographic constraints.
  • Use search engine optimization to get new consumers quickly.
  • Less expensive than other conventional procedures.
  • Develop targeted goods, marketing strategies, and promotional efforts.
  • Customers may conveniently shop at their leisure.
  • Customers may compare and filter choices to find the product they need.
  • More significant influence on the product in response to market and consumer demands.
  • Can run several goods with the exact operating costs as a single category e-commerce firm.
  • Available from any device with internet access.
  • There are no previous constraints because the operation is not based on infrastructure or business size.
  • Capable of implementing diverse company strategies.

These are just a few benefits of operating an online business instead of a typical brick-and-mortar store. Now let's get to the blog's main point.

This article will explain how to establish and maintain an online store with Odoo.

An e-commerce system for your corporate operations can help expand the business and adapt to new operating techniques for traditional retail establishments. As a result, the question of how to conform to an E-commerce market and the ideal platform emerges. How are the administration elements carried out? What are the necessary tools? While adjusting to a modern e-commerce approach, these are a few of the primary issues for a firm’s managers, directors, and CEOs.

Odoo ERP could be the remedy you’re looking for. With the functionality to handle corporate operations at all stages of functioning, Odoo is a business-oriented integrated management platform. It is currently one of the most well-known open source company management platforms that can be fully customized to handle the activities of any professional business. All credit to the system’s modular architecture enables the functionality to be carried out on defined operating modules, allowing the platform to have defined operating modules to handle all corporate activities.

As a result, we offer a dedicated website module for managing the firm’s e-commerce activities, where you may specify both the corporate webpage and the e-commerce shop. Let’s now look at some of the features of the Odoo system for e-commerce businesses.

How to Create an eCommerce Store in Odoo

1. Create multiple payment methods.

Consumers love alternatives, and forms of payment aren’t any different. Accommodating your consumers’ tastes will help attract customers and enhance your purchase requisitions. 

The following are the processes for configuring payment options in OdooeCommerce:

To begin, navigate here to Website -> Payment Acquirers: Odoo accepts various payment methods, including Stripe, Buckaroo, Paypal, and COD. Click the INSTALL, CONFIGURE, or ACTIVATE buttons to install, configure, or enable the payment methods.

Then you enter the Credential, Messages, and Configuration data:

To enhance the customer’s experience, you may customize your thank you, waiting, done, cancellation, and problem messages in messaging. 

In Configuration, you may select:

  • Journal of Payments: You can select from the following options: cash, bank, purchase, and sales.
  • Payment platforms supported: You may select from prominent online payments such as VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, American Express, and so on.
  • Payment flow: You can redirect to the acquirer’s website or pay from Odoo.

After configuring everything, go to the upper right corner and select the testbed. If all goes smoothly, you press the Publish button. Of course, Odoo may be linked with various payment gateways, including those from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, and Mexico.

2. Establish delivery techniques

Odoo’s delivery techniques make it simple to compute shipping costs depending on the consumer’s address

Set up the delivery method

To begin, navigate to the Dashboard and select Configuration -> Delivery Methods.

Create a new mode of delivery. You can title it after the network operator or after how the time it takes to deliver, then there are two pricing possibilities in the pricing configurations:

  • Select Fixed pricing if the cost is fixed. All you have to do now is set the price. If you would like the shipping to be free if your order amount is more significant than a particular amount, check the box and enter a price.

Check if the price fluctuates according to the guidelines, according to the rules. Add a product to a price rule by clicking the button. Select a condition depending on weight, quantity, cost, or volume

3. Make your items.

Select Products -> from the eCommerce Panel. When you click on the webcam icon in the upper right corner, select New and enter the product’s image and name. For basic information, you submit this information:

  • Product Classification: You will have three choices: storable product, disposable product, and service. In Odoo, stored items can be maintained by inventory, whereas consumable goods are expected to have adequate stock but no amount on hand or anticipated. Services are regarded as products; however, the user could store the stock.
  • Sale price: The suggested retail price of the product; if there are any available variations, the price may vary.

After determining the product type and sale price, navigate to the eCommerce menu and select Categories. From there, you can establish a new section for your business to help organize your items and enhance client satisfaction by instantly resolving any queries regarding the placement of certain products and services.

To create eCommerce divisions in Odoo, navigate to Configuration -> Ecommerce Categories -> Create New Product Category. You may select the product clients can select if they are seeking other related goods in the Alternative product area.

4. Set up an SMS shipment notification

When your clients complete ordering your goods, the platform will notify them of the shipment time through email or text message. Whereas many people are glued to their smartphones daily, Messaging is the most significant way to notify them that their items are all on their way so that your consumers may stay home and wait for them.

To enable SMS shipment notifications, first enable the SMS confirmation Functionality. Navigate to the Inventory application Settings and turn on the function.

Check that your account has adequate credits. The cost of an SMS is determined by the location and the message size (number of words).

5. Create and design your online store.

Go to Website -> Homepage -> Edit in the Dashboard.

Change the pictures and material in the column on the left sidebar.

You may repeat these processes for your Shop and Product pages. Always ensure to save at every stage.

Construct a menu navigation bar.

To make a menu navigation panel, go to Pages -> Edit Menu -> Menu Navigation Bar. Add Menu Item: You may rearrange the webpages by sliding them to the appropriate location.

Give a product description.

Fill in the description of the product by clicking on the Product Page. Try to write the product details like a novel and enhance its appeal so that buyers have enough data to decide whether or not to buy the goods. Because they cannot touch or feel the goods, ensure that they recognize their worth.

The final step is to hit the post button in the top panel. As a result, your webpage will be complete!

Final Thoughts

These are some of the benefits of utilizing Odoo for your e-commerce business. You can use the Odoo page builder to construct appealing websites for your business while efficiently managing e-commerce activities

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