Odoo 16 and its features

Do you want to learn more about the features of Odoo 16, the upgrade, or the release of Odoo? Please continue reading to know all about it!

Odoo is evolving at a rapid pace. We have noticed several significant changes in the general functionality and user experience of Odoo over the last few editions. Odoo16 marks a significant advancement in the system’s complexity and performance.

First and foremost, let's understand what Odoo is.

A full-fledged suite of essential company management software solutions has evolved from what began as a TinyERP in 2005. Businesses must utilize more of the sophisticated ERP and CRM functions that the program offers, even though the fundamental Odoo software is open source and accessible to everyone.

After the first version, we are currently using Odoo Version 16. It is incredible how many features are added with each new edition to help businesses grow. Odoo has advanced because of its fantastic add-on options, which have led to continual advancements in ERP capability and integration.

Why do people use Odoo?

Odoo is a collection of business management tools, such as warehouse, CRM, project management, e-commerce, accounting, billing,manufacturing, and inventory management.

Company owners worldwide have been buying Odoo apps to automate their business processes. Odoo App can managemany business operations, including increasing sales, incorporating services, streamlining processes, creating beautiful websites, managing finances, and more.

The top developed Odoo apps, which will significantly aid business growth, are listed below

After the release of Odoo 16, we can agree on it that it-

  • Boosts performance, and
  • Provides seamless user experience. 

We will go through every feature that is anticipated for this release!

Areas of Priority for Odoo 16 Update –

  • Code clean-up and optimization of the entire package by making necessary modifications and changes.
  • Assistance for localization of accounting.
  • Improved client experience.
  • Features that are unique and new.

Odoo 16 Features

Accounting Module

Numerous intriguing additions are added to the accounting module. A firm may undoubtedly profit from its explanation of making an invoice. 

  • Journal audit reports would be easier to understand and contain more VAT (value-added tax) information.
  • To expedite the validation process, Intrastat reports will be able to be generated.
  • With the introduction of Odoo version 16, you will receive new bank reconciliation tools, accounting imports, and multi-currency matching, among other distinctive features.
  • The asset improvement module will have enhanced UX, easy cancellation, and precise calculations.
  • For sales and invoicing, set a credit limit alert.
  • To make bills for clients or customers, use an OCR-separate configuration.

Benefits to business operations include fewer operational hassles in accounting, effective management, speedy invoice creation, and accurate audit reports.

Improved customer experience

The release notes for version 16 of Odoo refer to the improved user experience across all key modules. According to the upgrade, various user-friendly capabilities have been added to support operations, including staff management by the HR team and product management by the sales team. Additionally updated for a smooth user experience are the signage and marketing components.

Benefits for business: Simplicity of work or administration from the employees’ standpoint, seamless communication, increased productivity, and enhanced customer experience.

The HR & Sign modules

The HR and sign modules are anticipated to receive updates for several Odoo 16 features, as listed below: 

  • A feature for refusing to sign has been implemented.
  • Using reports and data, evaluating a month’s worth of staff performance and talents is simple.
  • Change or alter a worker’s allocated role in response to requests.
  • The additional “Stress day” function lists the top priorities for every day.
  • Simple access to check time off requests, leave days, and allocations.

Benefits for the business include excellent resource planning, enhanced leave planning, tracking of employee performance, effective project planning, and a reduction in resource allocation gaps.

Marketing Module

The Odoo V16 email marketing module has been improved to enable you to create new templates using existing email layouts. Additionally, it is simple to change the mailing list’s general settings. Your contacts’ postal addresses are easily accessible.

Retweeting tweets is simple with the Odoo V16 social media and marketing interface. By doing this, you can quickly develop an online presence for your company and administer its social media channels.

Business benefits include time savings, increased productivity, reduced operating expenses, and better social media participation.

MRP Module

With the version 16 Odoo upgrade, the manufacturing module is anticipated to contain many beneficial features. Consider the following: 

  • The MRP Module for Odoo 16 now has many brand-new operating capabilities.
  • Using the connection created with the sales invoice, the customer may monitor the progress of the requested manufactured item.
  • Users’ ability to combine and divide Production orders is one of the crucial MRP characteristics since it facilitates efficient manufacturing management and well-structured planning.
  • The subcontracting portal was updated to allow production to be registered with a subcontractor so that the order may be outsourced.

The benefit to the business: Streamlined production process, time-saving strategy, and increased customer transparency.

Purchase Module

The most recent release notes for Odoo version 16 concentrated on certain enhanced buying functions, including: 

  • The “Call for Tender” functionality has been updated for improved buying. You can create a new RFQ to compare to the original one. As a result, you will have a variety of alternatives for a single transaction and be able to select the one that best suits your needs.
  • There are several changes made to the receipt, the POS delivery status, and Purchase Orders.
  • You can specify a pick-up location using a new approach when selecting your shipping/delivery provider from UPS, FedEx, or DGL.
  • Commercial invoices may be electronically sent to your delivery partners, including FEDEX, EASY POST, DHL, and UPS.

Benefits for the business: A more open system, better performance, secure operations, and improved customer experience.

Coupons and discounts

Configuring and managing discounts, coupons, and other promotional offers on your website is simple with Odoo V16. This is accessible through POS systems, e-commerce, and conventional sales orders (point of sale).

A bonus benefit of this module, which combines a subscription application with sales, is likely the addition of discounts and special offers in all applications. As a result, you can quickly market your website by giving your consumers great deals that take advantage of all of Odoo 16’s new features

Inventory Module

Odoo 16 brings about several changes to the inventory module, from enhancements to adding new functionality. Here it is. 

  • Enhances automated batching and shipping procedures.
  • Instead of withdrawing the order every time the inventory indicates an item is “out of stock,” merchants will have the choice to place a backorder and obtain the product from the prime contractor. The Odoo update will automatically manage such orders, which will also reduce confusion.
  • Tools that have been updated to calculate and forecast the visibility days remaining to resupply inventories for replenishment requests or products
  • Force scans functionality.
  • Choose and count.
  • An enhanced postcode filter

Benefits to business operations include enhanced inventory management, less complicated manufacture and transportation of goods, simpler scan processes, and higher efficiency.

Website Module

By allowing you to control your website’s back end and front end using the same perspective, Odoo 16 will help you build a better website faster. With the assistance of the new site builder module, you can create an interactive and exciting website. You will also have access to a number of tools for managing and customizing the website.

You may customize the web pages without reloading them each time, and more sorting and grouping options can be added to the webpage for easier user access and control.

In a nutshell,

It’s essential to remember that Odoo 16 has a ton of functionality, and what we’ve seen so far is only a general overview. However, this does not imply that the latest version would be challenging to use. Contrary to popular belief, Odoo 16 will remain simple to use thanks to its user-friendly design and business management features. The main distinction is that Odoo 16’s freshly introduced and improved capabilities will let you create maximum productivity while streamlining your business procedures.

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