Top 10 Odoo Apps to Boost Your Business

What is Odoo?

Odoo is a well-liked,multi-functional business software program regarding well-planned ERP. Odoo offers reliable, elegant designs that function flawlessly on a live website. It is gaining new users and sparking interest among businesspeople. The thriving Odoo community is constantly releasing convincing Apps that help customers save money and time.

Why do people use Odoo?

Odoo is a collection of business management tools, such as warehouse, CRM, project management, e-commerce, accounting, billing,manufacturing, and inventory management.


Company owners worldwide have been buying Odoo apps to automate their business processes. Odoo App can managemany business operations, including increasing sales, incorporating services, streamlining processes, creating beautiful websites, managing finances, and more.


The top developed Odoo apps, which will significantly aid business growth, are listed below

1. Dashboard app

The best app we will consider is Dashboard Ninja,which enables users to build visually appealing and robust dashboards for the various business-related departments and total invoices,including inventories and quotations. The Dashboard Ninja app supports all ERP-related statistics and can be tailored to the customer’s needs.One of its best features is the ability to customize this Odoo app to meet your needs. It supports all ERP statistics and provides a whopping 100 widgets and topics for your website. Not to mention, it has over 1,000 downloads, a 5-star rating, and a 5-star rating.

2. Website dashboard

Thanks to its fantastic features, the Best Site Dashboard app offers endless potential for data presentation. One app that allows users to design a website dashboard is Website Dashboard Ninja. With features like Real-Time Data and Strong Filters offering Complete Data, the website dashboard Ninja stands out from the competition. It is dynamic and customizable from the Odoo backend with the Odoo dashboard Ninja App.

3. List view app

An app called List View Manager meets the needs of the company. ERP system is that this app makes it simple to view and manage requested data. The data inside the List view can easily be managed with a single click. The app has a ton of features that can be displayed, including the ability to hide or show columns in any listview, drag and drop column orders in any listview, user-specific autosaved list views, a manual refresh key that reloads listview data without refreshing the page, the ability to return to the defaulting list view, and many more.

4. Sticky pivot view

Odoo Pivot View improves the Odoo Pivot view. Users can affix the pivot view’s header and the first column to be visible from any angle. By adhering to the Pivot View Top corner and its first Column, you can improve the default Odoo Pivot View using this app.The Sticky Pivot View app’s feature of sticking the whole header of a Pivot View during vertical skim and the first section of the Pivot View all through horizontal scroll allows the user to manage bulk data effectively.

5. Leaderboard app

A quick visual citation for client-related entities, such as purchase orders, sales invoices, bank statements, employee information, contacts, etc., is provided by the Ninja App module. It is one app that enables users to gain insights from data. Data from various entities can be equated, which makes it simple for the user to comprehend their client and business operational processes.

6. WooCommerce connector

The user can use the OdooWooCommerce Integration to manage their WooCommerce data. Since WooCommerce is an online service for the e-commerce website, Odoo can handle more business-related activities taking place in the background. The OdooWooCommerce Connector enables two-way data synchronization, webhook-based data creation and update, and management of orders from the WooCommerce webpage into Odoo and vice versa.


7. One-click sale/purchase

Odoo has functionality for situations where multiple steps are involved in selling or buying a product. Confirm your sale or purchase order with just one click using One-Click Sale/Purchase. It combines the confirmation of purchase assets, sales orders, picking, shipping, refund,invoice, distribution, and print invoices into a single step.


8. POS All-In-One (PRO)

The retail and restaurant sectors focus on The POS All-In-One (PRO). People in the restaurant and retail industries know the value of a great POS (point of sale) system. This app is a point-of-sale system that is inexpensive and simple. This app is primarily for smaller companies that need a POS system badly but cannot afford one. One of the least expensive Odoo apps for managing orders, tracking inventory, etc., is POS All-In-One (PRO).


9. List sticky view header

Customers won’t get lost in a massive list of records thanks to the List View Sticky Header, which sticks to the Tree View header and alleviates the weight of losing it while scrolling. The data in the module’s header section is accessible to users while they browse the records. This app is free to download from the Odoo app store and works with version 13 of the software.

10. Office365 calendar sync app

The last one is Office 365 Calendar, the app that provides two-way synchronization so one can easily sync one’s data from Odoo to Office 365 accounts. Users can manage all activities without a hitch by syncing their schedules, events, and meetings.

At end,

Before choosing the best app for your company, you must know the problems you want to fix. Before choosing an approach for your business, you must first decide which module you require. Odoo is loaded with numerous third-party apps that can be tailored to your specific business requirements.


You must choose the Odoo app development company to grow your business.We hope that this blog post on the best Odoo apps will assist you in choosing the best app for your company.


Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section if you have any!

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